St. Paul’s Lutheran’s Story

This is the story of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, its origins, and how its story became our Spirit of Peace Story

Saint Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was started in Minnetonka in 1956. We have been serving the Hopkins / Minnetonka community in innumerable ways since our founding. We were, for example, founding members of the ICA, Resource West, and many other organizations that are now prominent on their own merit.

St. Paul’s has always been open and welcoming, and committed to social justice. We became one of the first western Twin Cities Reconciling in Christ congregations, and played a substantial role in defeating the 2012 marriage amendment.

St. Paul’s claimed the Without Walls name both to identify ourselves as having an intentional, positive focus in the  community outside our walls, and to highlight our commitment to openness.

Yes, most of our ministries took place outside our walls.

No, there are no virtual walls separating us from others in the community.

2017 took this one step further. The church building was sold, so the physical walls were entirely gone.

We spent much of 2017 in an intense discernment process, exploring questions such as, “What ministries are we passionate about that would not happen if we did not exist?”. Affirmed by our discoveries, we started 2018 exploring ways that we could act on them.

During Lent and Easter in 2018, the Holy Spirit led us to Mizpah UCC who were on their own discernment journey. We discovered amazing commonality in our passions for worship, community service, ministry, and love for one another and our community. Since our first gathering, we have been walking together, hand in hand, moving inexorably toward the formation of a new shared ministry. 

And this is where our Spirit of Peace Story begins.