Welcome to Spirit of Peace!

A UCC / ELCA Congregation

In a world of conflict and hostility come stand with us on the side of love. Welcome Home.

Spirit of Peace is a new congregation emerging from the union of Mizpah United Church of Christ and St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hopkins. Come and walk with us as we explore new ways of being and serving.

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An open and inclusive congregation with a liberal theology and a commitment to social justice.


We work with, not against people of other faiths.  We follow the example of Jesus, who stood up for and offered healing to the poor, the marginalized and the oppressed.


We are open to God’s creative movement in the world—faith and science are not mutually exclusive and your head and heart are both nourished at Spirit of Peace

Join Us for Worship

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On Site worship services are temporarily suspended. Worship services are currently available only on YouTube. You may join using the links in our calendar. All live cast worship services (upcoming AND recorded) are available here:

Sunday Worship Service and Sunday School are at 10:00 AM, followed by fellowship time.

We believe in inter-generational worship, meaning we encourage all ages to lead and share their love of God.  We serve an open communion, meaning that all are invited to take the cup together with us.  Finally, we believe in connecting our lives with God through our heart, mind, body and soul…and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

“No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

This We Believe

We believe the umbrella of God’s love, as exemplified in Jesus the Christ, is big enough for everyone to be welcomed.

We believe that love, not doctrine, holds us together.

We believe the deepest expression of our faith is found in the way we treat others.

We believe you don’t need to take the bible literally to discover God’s profound truths and message.

We believe it is important for faith to value both the mind and the heart.

We believe that we learn from one another’s diverse experiences and perspectives, and it’s okay if we don’t share the exact same beliefs.

We believe listening to others and respecting them is a deeply spiritual act, even when we disagree.

Not all claims to truth are the same, to be sure, but we believe every claim should be measured by love.

We believe the wisdom offered from other faith traditions can complement and enrich our spiritual journeys.

We believe church should be a place of peace that welcomes those who believe in God some of the time, or none of the time, or all of the time.


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